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נכתב ע"י ziv   

The menu of the cheese restaurant of the Schwartzman dairy



Cheese Platter -
Six types of cheeses, Three types of olives, Grape leaves stuffed with goat cheese, Camembert, Dried tomatoes.
Small/ Large/ Special (with extra ripe cheeses)
In ordering the special cheese platter - 2 cups of wine with an additional 30 shekels.












Plate of Labanne                        Laffa (patir) - stuffed with hearb          
 Yogurt cup                               Goat milk Malabi with carob honey
Vegetable salad                          Cnaffe with goat cheese and halvah
Phatosh salad                            A can of soda, A cup of fresh Lemonade
Tabola salad                              A cup of fresh orange juice
G'rg'ir salad                               A pitcher of Lemonade
Zahatar pitta                               A pitcher of apple juice

Special cheese desserts and more - ask the waiter - Knafe, cider, coffee, baklava
A laffa sendwitch with Labanne /  Labanne and cheese / Labanne and goat cheese.
Cappuccino              Hot Cedar
Espresso                  Bottle of wine
Hearable tea            A cup of wine
Bon appetite
Cheese Platter (according to whight)
Large Yogurt
Small Yogurt
Goat Yogurt
Labanne balls in oil
Small Labanne
Large Labanne
Cow cheese
Goat cheese
Goat cheese with hearbs
Special goat cheese
Grape leaves stuffed with goat cheese
Sheep Camembert
An olive Jar
Olives in a vacuum
Olive oil in a buttle
A 2 litter Olive oil buttle
Large Honey
Small honey
Yahara honey
Carob honey
Dates honey (silan)
Spices/ Hyssop/ Tea
Fruit jam
Spicy schog
Dried tomatoes
Goat milk Malabi with carob honey
Cnaffe with goat cheese and halvah
Bottle of wine
How to get to the Schwartzman dairy, Bat Shelomo

We are on Highway 70
From Route coast, south: right towards Zichron Yaakov, right at the intersection Paradies
and after the interchange on Route 70 you turn right to the old Bat - Shlomo.
Coming from the north - Coast Highway - Exit at Zichron intersection- Towards Paradies
cross the junction, straight up to Bat - Shlomo, From route 4 - left at Paradies.