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Bat Shlomo, a small, time-honoured moshava founded in 1889, is situated at the crossroads between Fureidis and Yokneam. 

You are welcome to visit throughout the week from 8.00 to 20.00


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In this pastoral moshava you will discover a place where time has stood still.  The same street, where Baron de Rothschild, the well known philanthropist strode while visiting the industrious farmers who were under his protection more than 100 years ago, still runs through the moshava.  The same beautiful, quaint stone houses with Marseilles-tiled roofs nestle on the hill.


 There are farmyards behind these houses with cork-like mulberry trees once planted by order of Baron de Rothschild.  Although the farmers did not succeed producing silk, one of the Baron's ideas, they did succeed in nurturing vineyards which  produced mellow wines matured in the wine cellars founded in Zichron Ya'akov in 1891.

This enchanting moshava was declared a national  heritage site thanks to the Shwartzman family and their mother of blessed memory.  The family fought for the preservation of Bat Shlomo in opposition to many other members of the moshava. 

The original moshava consists of one street – seven houses on either side.

The fourth house on the right was that of 80 year old Shimon Shwartzman (may his dear soul rest in peace) and now his son Ziv – the third generation in Israel.- and his family carry on the family tradition.  This is the only house in the picturesque moshava where the working farm life carries on as it once did.  The Shwartzman's farmyard does not believe in progress and innovations.  Here mottled contented hens lay their eggs in every hidden corner. The cows are still milked with by hand and Ziv makes his delicious cheeses in a time-honoured fashion, producing quality milk which produces organic cheeses. 

And so, today, the Shwartzman family still lives, proudly, in their 100 year old stone house, as did generations before them.  They have lovingly put together a small, but very special museum with valuable possessions.  Many photographs of the family and the way of life of that era, together with recorded documents from the Turkish and British era can be seen.  Tools and household utensils from days gone by are to be admired, as well as cherished family heirloom such as the beautiful two hundred year old samovar. 

Wooden hand butter churners, a two level syphon, a well-used primus stove still have their place in the house.  We can also see well-worn antique furniture brought as a dowry to her bridegroom Zelig by the grandmother of the family.

It is a fascinating and enjoyable experience to be guests of the Shwartzmans.  While charming you with stories of the era, they will serve a selection of their wonderful cheeses together with hot pitot dipped in pure olive oil – all home-made with love and with the finest ingredients.  For dessert, you will sip genuine Turkish coffee with your hosts.  This visit will be a memorable and authentic Israeli experience. 

You will be able to take home all of their finest products including special herbs, pickles, cheeses and even superb home-made wine to make the experience linger a while longer.







You are welcome to visit throughout the week from 8.00 to 20.00


Telephone 04–6396107