120 Years ago Zelig Schwartzman came to a new colony Bat - Shlomo and billed his home there.
After 20 years his family established the famouse Schwartzman Dairy and since then they didn't stop producing cheeses, with a lot of love and devotion, cheeses, goat cheeses and fine beef cheeses.
the secrets of producing and making the most finesst botic cheeses, are kept for four generations by family members.
In the family court yard you can obsorve the legecy and tradition that almost passed from this world beside an unforgettable colonary experience.

The 120 year old Stone structure that is standing in the court yard gives an extraordinary experience to the visitors of a different time.
the structure is used as a private museum in additional to it's use as a resturant, and reveals to the visitors exhibits and diffrent artifacts, tools, picturs and documents that document and describet he past farm life and the begining days of Bat - Shlomo colony. The past treasuress are a testimony of the history of the place.
There is a veraity of delicacies, and you can enjoy here from a variety of fine cheeses, The soft, hard, aged and ripe, chesses that are made from goat milk, sheep milk anf cattle cheeses from the Schwartzman family farm .
The fine olives that are growen in the privat orchard of Bat - Shlomo were growen and harvest with care, in the farmery plot that is in the foot of mount Chorshan, The olives are well knowen in there wonderfull and unique flavore and from this we also make olive oil.
The natural honey in its ambery color is collected from bee haives that work in dedication and collect the nectar from the flowers of Dalia stream and the area, The Schwartzman family also manufacturs dates honey (silan), carob honey and yahara honey which are all available for eating side by side with our special pitot (patir) that are served strate out of the tabon hot and fresh, seasoned with hearbs in a special bland, all this and more are made in a self production process not industrial or mass production, a thing that you can recognize from bite to bite and brings you back to past places and fragrances. (We recommend you to take a look in our menu)

The flavors of history that combines with the fragrances of todays manufacturing. Here you can taste the time that stood still: In the entrance we serve our guests black and green olives. You can just taste and get addicted to their flavors. Behaind the counter ziv shworzman cuts cheese cracks and serves them with grate love and praide.
It is even worth while to come in, just in order to have a taste, it's a great enjoyment.

You are wellcome for a visit with a past flavors to experience the view that is seasoned with past fragrances, beside qulity flavors of real making.


The secret of the unique flavors of the cheeses and the rest of the products of the Schwartzman dairy and live stock is in the authenticity that is Saved since the days that the dairy was established and was saved in devotion untill this days.
Ziv is a third generation and his dughter are firth generation in the dairy and they refuse to change their methods to modern methods.
The secrets of making their cheeses they got in an inheritance and they are holding on to preserving the tradition of rasinig cattle, cheep and goats, the milking and production of cheeses, just like it was done by grandpa Zelig and the father of Ziv Simhon. And as hinted each caw gets here a pet, each goat gets a light and loving strock and each cheep gets a personal attention, the dery proudocts are proccesed with dedication, love and care with manual milking methodes. ".... the qulity of the milking is the qulity of the cheese!"
You read? Got impressed? you are wellcome to a visit and combine it with a full meal in the cheese restaurant that is located in the farmyard, to enjoy a Variety of flavores, cheeses, special spreds and to end the meal with coffe and sweet desserts.
To our visitors there is a store that offers the best of our products, Because there are flavours you just want to take home.

The story of our dairy house is a part of the story of Bat - Shlomo and you can continue reading about the two in the book of Eli Israely "The Schwartzman tale from Bat - Shlomo".

Vine leaves stuffed with cheese